Fascinated by dialogue and what it can create, I focused on improvisation and interdisciplinary real time composing to challenge my own creative tools and aesthetics and be open to dialogue without loosing identity.
Always on the move I have integrated in my works the experience of migration, fluid identity and adaptation; looking at dance as a response to environment and the body as a public field where politics inscribe. I have assimilated the experience of lock downs approaching the need for interaction with the inanimate, sensitive mutation through virtual living, interspecies communication and ecology in my work. My work is based on a dialogue with my living contexts. As well as on the methodology I developed where choreography is not created through movement forms but through focusing and managing inner awareness. I call it Primitive Action because it is based on the most basic movements and interactions we can put into dialogue. Once these elements are in playful interaction, essential subjects reveal to start composing a dance piece. Our inner perception affects our presence in space, our quality of movement and our process for making choices through collective interaction. What does this mean for multicultural integration within a history of violence and domination? Can we challenge historical damage through creative dialogues? Revisit our self perception and identity to create community within diversity?
I have been creating spaces for interdisciplinary interaction and spontaneous performance, and engaging in a lifelong training on martial arts and the Alexander technique; I developed an understanding of dance as a response to environment and as a tool for broadening my perception of reality.
My works are based on procedures where we engage as bodies and minds with very specific inner focusses to respond to circumstances, creating a particular dynamic revealing inner logics in the shared space and inspiring creative work on essential themes like imitation, surveillance, power relationships, a.o.
While placing the focus on the inside qualities I intend to get closer to make work that refers to actual human experiences, but specially to have a deeper understanding of what is essential and of value for our existence. Looking inside to understand the outside, conceiving the shared world as a reflection of inner processes and therefore vulnerable to change.
Since my last year´s residency at El Graner with my research Primitive Action I am exploring the border between performance and ritual, searching for a place in between that allows for performances that engage people from their own inner experiences.

ph: Akiyoshidai Plateu, Japan 2010 (AIAV Artist in residence)